Monday, September 26, 2011

This is a pilgrimage.

This is a pilgrimage.
We’re not just talking about our upcoming extended trip to Zambia, but all this that has led up to this point. When asked, when did this Zambia invitation first come up, we are hard pressed to give a short, sweet response. Where do we drawn the line to say “this is where it all began”?

That’s why we say “this is a pilgrimage”. 

“A pilgrimage is a journey or search of great moral or spiritual significance". (

A pilgrimage. Isn’t that what life is? Really, in life we are always searching. All of us find ourselves searching for the answer to the question, “who am I?” If we stick with it long enough, we end up finding God in the process. On this pilgrimage called life, we can’t find our true selves without finding God.  God even tells us that.  (John 15:5)

So, as we step on that plane on October 19th it really isn’t the beginning of something, it’s just the continuation of the journey we’ve already been on. And if we look in the rear-view mirror, and we see that God has been there all the while leading, instructing, providing and protecting, why would our time in Zambia be any different? If God is who He says He is (John 14:6), then little Macha, Zambia is not too hard for Him.