Friday, April 20, 2012

Meet Misha

Misha . . . means Russion Bear!
Many of you read the letter we forwarded just before Easter regarding the robbery at MICS, and primarily the Krause’s apartment and the school office in their home. In response, they have now become the proud owners of what we call in our family a “yap-yap”. You know those small dogs with big mouths! (Okay, okay, for those of you that are offended by that slur please know that we are dog lovers and have been known to have small as well as large dogs. I say “yap-yap” with much affection!)

Now you may all be thinking, what kind of a guard dog is this? With much consideration the Krauses realized the need for an alarm dog more than a guard dog.  

Gil and Ronda write: We want to thank each one of you that wrote such encouraging uplifting notes to us after the robbery. Thanks, too, for the commitment to pray for us during this time. We have returned home from Lusaka and have slept pretty well for the two nights since we arrived. Having our "alarm" dog Misha sleeping close by is a comfort too.

Some of you have asked us if the Krauses had insurance to cover the property that was stolen. While car insurance is required, property insurance is not available. So, that means that the necessary equipment like computers, scanners, and printers will need to be replaced. Would you join us in helping Gil & Ronda? The best way to help them is to send donations to their non-profit organization, they will then be able to prioritize and purchase equipment as the funds allow them.
Checks can be made out to: Zambia Tomorrow (for a tax deduction) and sent to:
Zambia Tomorrow
Darla Jansen
Unit A
707 Diversey Pkwy
Chicago IL 60614

Many have asked how you can be praying for the Krauses. Here is what they say:
We ask that you continue to pray for us as we begin a new term. Please pray specifically for coverage for us during the last two weeks of July while we are in the US. Our health has been stable ....please pray it continues. 

Please continue to pray for us as we piece together the school data. In the last few days we have been asked for some financial data that is gone, the Zambian Ministry of Education was here and needed some items that are gone and today we were asked to write an acceptance letter for a Canadian student to get a Zambian study permit. We soon realized we had no computer to type it on and we had no letter head to use and we had no way to print it?????  We are working on setting up a computer from the MICS computer lab at the moment. We are sure these situations will continue to arise so we ask for wisdom and clear headedness in order to accomplish the tasks at hand. 

Thank you for praying, caring and sharing from the abundance with which God has blessed you. When you bless the Krauses & MICS,  you are blessing the most vulnerable children in Macha, Zambia and impacting the next generation of leaders for the nation.