Wednesday, February 29, 2012

School Is Under Way!

This was how Obert arrived at MICS.
School has been underway at MICS now for about a month, and so much has happened since the Krauses returned to Macha.

Work Visas: The Krauses immigration was in question and they were on 24 hours status immediately after they arrived in Zambia. That meant that the Zambian immigration could order them to leave the country with only 24-hour-notice because their visas had not been approved. This has been an ongoing problem with necessary items in their file missing, and then eventually their entire file could not be located. Ah yes, government bureaucracy is the same everywhere! Eventually the CEO of Zambia Works got involved, the file was located, the letter (that was replaced more than once) was still missing but again replaced, and they are off 24-hour-status. Phew! The drama of it all! Pray that work permits will be approved and in their hands in the very near future.

Staff changes: School got off to a great start in spite of losing several staff to the government schools, including the head teacher. But as God always does, He provided replacements.
This is Obert now!

Water: Most days and nights there is not water. Gil is making several trips to the borehole to fill the 1,000 liter tank. He also hooked up a pump to transfer water to the 2500 liter tank at the boarding house. In that way he is able to keep water flowing to both buildings. This needs to be addressed and solved, so keep praying!

New student: You never know when God will send someone to the Krauses. They are always ready to assess a situation and look to God for direction on how to handle it. God recently sent Obert to MICS. He arrived looking like this without even shoes. He is about 9 to 11 years old and has no birth date. His mother died and he moved to a city near Lusaka with his dad. Dad then died and he moved back to Macha to be with his Grandma. Then she became very ill and she moved to Chikanta to be with her sister. Obert went to live with his uncle who would not let him attend school as he needed him to tend the cattle while his own boys go to school. A full scholarship was obtained for him for day school and boarding last week. PTL, he is sure in need of both. It’s a heartbreaking story!  How many disappointing changes can a little one take? Clothing, backpack and necessary personal items were rounded up for little Obert. Look at him now! (As always, there is bound to be jealousy when one gets so much. Pray that the spirit of jealousy and envy will not have access to harm Obert or any other of the sponsored orphans at MICS.)

Elifer, is in 3rd grade.
Wize, 2nd grade
Weston, grade 1
Our kids: News we've received is that Elifer, Wize and Weston are adjusting well to living at the boarding house. They are making close friendships, learning English at an accelerated pace, enjoy worship and devotions. Even Weston (grade 1) is now requesting his favorite worship song when requests are taken. They smile often and give high-fives to Gil and Ronda all the time. They are very happy to be at MICS.  A huge “thank you” goes to DiscoverMediaWorks, Chad & Tonya Hughes and Barb Olson for sponsoring these vulnerable ones. You are making big difference in the life of God’s little ones.—On a sad note: one day prior to school starting someone broke into their hut and stole many of the clothing and school items we provided for them.  Everyone knows when someone receives valuable gifts, it does not go unnoticed. It is very sad when the poor steal from the very poor. God is good and the Krauses were able to find new backpacks and uniforms for the three.

Make a difference: There is always a waiting list of students who would like to attend MICS or live at the boarding house. 

If at any time you would like explore sponsorship don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be happy to share with you how it all works. 

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