Sunday, January 22, 2012

Macha Night

You are invited to hear more about Zambia, our involvement this past year, and what the future looks like for us. We will also talk about how you can be involved in small and huge ways to change a child’s life, the future of a village and even a nation.

Wednesday, January 25, @6pm
At Valleybrook Church
Lite supper will be served
Everyone is welcome!

Now That We’re Home
Since we returned to the States in December so much seems to have taken place in a short period of time. People ask us all the time if we have adjusted from life in Zambia to Wisconsin.  It doesn’t take long when you just jump in with both feet and just get going!
The most obvious adjustment would be the climate. From 80-90F to the single digits this past week has been hard to take!

But there are other things to wrestle out, like going from being spontaneous and flexible each day to now living by a tightly-scheduled planner, or  working & living together 24/7 while in Macha, and now being apart several days each week.

When you have incredible experiences like we did in Zambia, it creates a desire to keep new relationships active and alive. Even with email technology, it is still difficult to maintain communication due to time differences, power failures, and incompatible schedules. Add to that the staff departures that took place after we came home.

Life at MICS is Still Hard

Still no water flowing from the faucets!
It’s been about a week and half since the Krauses returned to Macha. They haven’t had power, internet or water! A leak was discovered in water supply lines and hopefully will be fixed in a timely manner. It’s been rumored that the Head Mistress (principal) received an assignment from the Zambia Ministry of Education and will not be returning to MICS. On top of all that, Gil & Ronda’s work visas have not been approved. While trying to prepare for school to begin next week, the Krauses’ are scrambling to figure out how to best proceed so that they can remain in Zambia.

Please join us in praying for God to provide for all the needs at MICS.