Thursday, July 11, 2013

A New Spirit

We have been here for over a week already. Can that really be?  

The first few days we were in slow motion and our heads cloudy with jetlag.  But for the most part now, we are adjusted to the time and sleeping more; that in itself, has helped us to function much better. A huge thank you to all who have been praying and a special thanks to those who have sent us a note telling us what God has laid on your hearts to pray for us.  It’s difficult to tell you how much that means to us.

Mrs Grace insists on doing laundry by hand.
There is a new spirit here at MICS. There is a spirit of unity and friendship all around.   The teachers seem to enjoy their jobs and each other.  When one is sick or absent, the teachers work together to make sure that all the classes are covered and excelling. At last week’s soccer game against Lupata, they led  cheers, shouted, danced and ran up and down the field encouraging MICS players. It was as much fun to watch them as it was the MICS athletes. They have been most supportive and encouraging to us, as well. It’s a new day at MICS, and God seems to blessing this school.

By day we are running the school, assisting the needs of teachers and staff, overseeing the work of the maintenance man and the groundskeeper, keeping 2 cats and 1 dog fed and happy, AND we are the ones to intervene and settle disagreements & conflicts between the students.  We are thankful that so far we’ve not encountered anything serious enough to warrant an in-school suspension.

After school phonics video with boarding kids.
The boarding kids function much like family, attending school and living together  24/7. They form close attachments and can be seen enjoying each other. But as “siblings”, they at times also demonstrate some rather unwanted behaviors;  rivalries, jealousies, taking each other’s possessions, some taunting, tormenting and fighting at times. So far this has mostly been with the boys. So “Mr. Smith” finds himself reprimanding, coaching & mentoring, and encouraging on almost a continual basis.

 “Mrs. Smith” is the “buck stops here” person for the school and students.  On this campus, people really don’t have a problem asking for what they want. They know that the answer might be “no”, but they also know that they just might get what they want, too. So they come to the kitchen door and they ask… fortunately we have Mrs. Grace, the Krause’s house manager, who is able to give insight and advice to us. Just a few minutes ago, a second grader came asking for relief for a stomach ache, which is a common occurrence here. Mrs. Grace knew that this little girl comes everyday for a Tums. She was able to tell her that it isn’t a good idea to medicate this on a daily basis, and that she needs her parents to take her to the doctor. I (Kathy) then prayed for her and sent her back to class. Everyday, Mrs. Smith tells Mrs. Grace, “thank you for coming to work today; I don’t want to do this job without you!” And Mrs. Smith means it!

"Baby class (3/4 yr olds) take a snack break on the sidewalk.
So we’re getting in the groove! Each day is better and easier than the day before. We are getting to know some of the new teachers and staff, and are renewing relationships with those we’ve known from our previous visits.  We see the bigger picture for MICS in this community. One blog follower told us that she sensed God saying that “one day a president will emerge from Macha International Christian School.”  

 We believe that God is doing something that big here!

 Check out the videos below:
 The school is memorizing 1 Corinthians 13:1-8, LOVE, The Greatest Gift, hear them recite this passage together.

The 6th graders led us in praise and worship during chapel.



  1. Thanks for sharing these videos! (And the pictures too! :) ) We were at MICS in Feb. & Mar. and I miss hearing those kids sing! It was great to hear a short clip! -Karen

  2. I have to admit that as I read this blog post, for a moment I didn't know who "Mr. Smith" and "Mrs. Smith" were. I was picturing Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (weren't they in a movie together, Mr and Mrs. Smith?) Anyways, I know you as Greg and Kathy, the other didn't compute at first! You are both super stars in my eyes though. Love and prayers for discernment in those endless sibling battles.