Saturday, July 6, 2013

Totally God-dependent!

Kathy & Sue Bolthouse get the back seat for the flight to Macha
Today, Saturday July 6th, we can say,  “Now we are totally God-dependent”! You see for the past 2 days we have followed Gil and Ronda, and Sue Bolthouse around MICS getting a crash course on how to run a school in the Zambian bush! 

We’ve taken lots of notes, been introduced to many of the staff and students, looked at projects and tasks and now we begin the real work. We have no one to rely on but God; and we feel confident in that. God brought us here and He will see us through.

We arrived to an all-school reception with singing and flags waving!

MICS boys soccer team; jerseys compliments of St. Roses in Breese, IL.
"Divide" (#42) is congratulated for his game winning goal!
Ouch! Can't imagine playing barefoot! What could happen if we collected used cleats for the boys and girls of MICS?
Besides soccer, the girls played a game of net ball. Much like basketball but without the dribbling.
Whether soccer or net ball, when a goal is scored the spectators rush the field and dance in celebration!
Gil hands over the master set of keys to all the buildings.

Early this morning we took Joel & Sue Bolthouse and the Krauses’ to the airstrip for their departure. (Joel is our pilot, and Sue often comes to Macha to help the Krauses) The Bolthouses have gone back to their work in Lusaka at Flying Mission. The Krauses flew directly from Macha to Lusaka International Airport, then on to London and ultimately Chicago-Milwaukee. 

Bolthouses & Krauses wait for the first crack of dawn for take off!

On Tuesday the Krauses will begin receiving medical attention while resting & getting caught up with their family and friends. This is a badly needed time of rest and rejuvenation before they return to Macha in September to start the third and final term of the 2013 school year.

The suns peeks over the horizon and they're off!

Drove by the Macha police station.

This afternoon we took a ride around Macha before we were to pick up the boarding kids from choir practice at the church. 

We figured out which roads were the best choice; road conditions can change since they are not paved. 

Saw these two boys "driving" their cars down the road.

A huge thank you to all of you who have been praying for us, for the Krauses, and for the “spiritual climate” in Macha. A special thanks to those of you have let us know that you have been standing with us in prayer; especially those who have sensed times when we needed it in a powerful way in that moment and you were faithful to keep us covered. In keeping with our previous post, you are "paying attention" to God’s invitation to stand with us. You are "all ears", waiting for the slightest sound and responding immediately and seriously. We feel so honored that you would sacrifice yourselves and your time on our behalf.

Something really interesting to us has been watching God use our spiritual gifts (yours and ours collectively). On Sunday, while at Valleybrook Church, we had three different individuals speak a word of prophecy over us. One of those gave very vivid imagery. We have received confirmation of those messages. We have received messages from a few of you who have stated that God has placed us on your hearts and you are praying. Some even telling us that God woke you up to pray on our behalf. Again, thank you for partnering with us in such a vital way.

Now that we are off and running, we feel that we’ll be more consistent in updating what is happening here. We thought we’d post photos of what we’ve been up to, to give you a visual picture of our experiences.

Hitting the ground running,
Kathy & Greg


  1. Hi there. I wanted to share this, for what ever it is worth.

    I looked at your blog post just now. When I saw the picture of the kids with the American flag a memory flooded me. Several years ago, I had a strange dream -- the scene looked much like that picture. And you, Kathy, and others were there. And the impression I had in the dream was that within that community a very important leader was being raised -- one of the children (in the dream) would be a president.

    It was such a random, and out of nowhere, dream for me to have and such a vivid one that I guess it stuck with me. .

    Blessings to you all.
    Love, Sherri

  2. Praying for focus. When I thought of what specifically to pray for you, it was focus. I'm sure there are many things competing for your attention. I'm following His leading and praying that you would have clear discernment, and supernatural focus! God is so faithful to care for His beloved. You are most definitely His beloved, and there, loving His beloved!

    On my knees,
    Love, Jennifer